Asset Management

Occupational Safety Services specialises in electrical testing and asset registering, as required by the AS/NZS 3760 standard for in service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment in the workplace.
Physical Inspection
Visual Inspections Include As per (AS 3760:2010)
Insulation Test
Earth Bond Test
Continuity Test
Functionality Test
Run / Leakage Test
Polarity Wire Test
Check for obvious external damage
Check defects-accessories, plugs or socket outlets
Check supply cords
Appliance bar code identity (personalised, optional)

Occupational Safety Systems Asset Register and Test Certificates will include the following information:
All data collected, including location and test results is integrated into our database and OSS can present all data in an excel electronic format.
Appliance bar code identity
Description / serial number (if required)
Inspection Test Date
Next Inspection Test Date
Results of Inspection / Test
Repairs made


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