Emergency Exit Light Testing & Maintenance

Occupational Safety Services provide emergency evacuation lighting testing to conform to Australian standards AS2293.
The standards require regular periodical 6 monthly testing which includes:
Revamping of expired tubes and lamps
Adequate electrical supply
Discharge tests
Visual inspection
Replacement of non compliant fitting and batteries
Log / record of fitting details and test procedures

Six – Monthly Procedures:
Visual check of all emergency and exit lights for mains operation.
Check for operation of maintained exit lights
Where manual discharge test facility is present, operate test switch / circuit breaker to simulate a power failure.
The emergency and exit lights shall remain illuminated for not less than 90 minutes.
Restore the emergency and exit lights to normal charging condition.
Check operation of all maintained exit lights and all charge indicators.
Report any failures on test sheets and service repair reports.

Twelve – Monthly Procedures:
Carry out all checks as per six-monthly procedures.
Clean all emergency and exit lighting diffusers as required
Visual check to ensure that the emergency and exit lighting operates in correct relationship to the normal lighting in the designated areas
Remove diffuser
Inspect lamp/tube. Should be replaced if ends are blacked
Remove insects and dry the diffuser
Record make/model/location/type of lamp
Apply Barcode and next test date due label to the base of the unit
At completion of testing, reset all circuit breakers and that all exit lights re-illuminate


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