Q?Why get my Portable Appliances Tested (Tested and Tagged)?

OH&S legislation imposes a duty of care to provide a safe workplace so that you and your employees can enjoy working in a safe environment.

Q?Do I have to turn my equipment off?

Yes, in the majority of cases the equipment will need to be shutdown, the test only takes a few minutes on average.

Q?How often will I need the item to be tested?

Depending on the equipment, the location and type of industry.
This ranges from 3 months to 5 years. Contact OSS for your specific site requirements.

Q?Do I need to keep a record of the tests?

Yes, part of the legislation is being able to show records of the testing carried out.
Also, your Insurance company will require some confirmation of the work carried out.

Q?Is the individual item marked to show its been tested?

Yes – each item will have a tag indicating the date, and next test date due, also an INDIVIDUAL Bar Code assigned to that piece of equipment. This can be used as an Asset Management tool.

Q?Do you test 3 phase items – e.g fork lift battery chargers?

Yes, OSS can test single phase and three (3) phase items.

Q?Why do I need to use a specialised testing company?

Your business may have the resources to carry out the testing but be aware of the following:
1. The downtime for staff
2. Loss in turnover in your business
3. Not your core activity
4. Independent testing to ensure accurate testing is being carried out
5. Internal systems not set up to collate the test results
6. Initial costs, buying testing equipment, materials and training of staff

Q?Why do I need to have Thermography?

Thermography is a tool which enables you to be proactive in maintenance costs, rather than pay additional for emergency out of hours costs.

Q?Can insurance companies ask for a Thermography report?

Yes, which could enable you a discount on your policy. Contact your Insurance company/provider for specific information.

Q?Will having a Thermography Report benefit my business?

Thermography can reduce the risk of productivity downtime, as it ensures that any risks are reported first.

Q?Why use LED technology for my lighting needs?

There are a range of benefits in using LED technologies ranging from:
1. Save money on your Electricity Costs! See our LED section for further details
2. Long Life – LED lights can last from 50,000 plus hours against incandescent which last around 1,000 hours
3. LED’s are ideal for situations where frequent On-Off cycling occurs – Fluorescent tubes will burn out quicker
4. LED lights have the technology where they light up instantly and do not need a warm up period
5. Durability – No fragile components and are resistant to cold, heat and vibration